About Us

The DUB Shop is your exclusive on-line store carrying a range of DUB products from caps and decals to die-cast toys and apparel. You can even find past editions of DUB Magazine. DUB Shop is the official source for authentic DUB, Dropstars, and T.I.S products.

Originally, DUB was street slang for the number 20, as in 20 inches — a reference to the flashy, oversized wheels that have come to symbolize DUB culture.

DUB’s identity - like that of the custom car enthusiast - goes way beyond trick wheels and custom accessories. It represents a lifestyle that’s all about individual expression and making a personal statement. As long as there are ways to express style, DUB will keep setting style by forecasting trends and reading the pulse of the street.

High quality products from the original automotive lifestyles brand. DUB Magazine is the authoritative voice of the urban automotive universe, and the lifestyle it has given rise to. At its core, DUB has taken the cachet of "the cars of the stars" and matched it with the aspirations of early-adopting, trend- setting urban automotive enthusiasts. The resulting hybrid has launched a multi-million dollar aftermarket automotive industry, as well as touched everything from music to fashion to personal electronics.

The original "celebrity-driven vehicle" publication, DUB Magazine's foresightful, tell-it-like-it-is approach to what is hot and what is not has demonstrated the authenticity necessary to earn it the title official voice of the urban youth market by its readers and the credibility to be considered the only real source for future trends in the urban automotive market by industry professionals and tastemakers alike.